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The optional Automations module provides configurable upload and download notifications and automated deletes.

General Settings

In the top pane you can set a default header and footer for upload and download notifications. The header and footer are configurable for each notification rule, but the text set here becomes the default for new rules.

In the lower pane you can import and export Automation rules,


Upload & Download Notifications


In the top pane specify the event that triggers a notification. Choose between:

  1. The notification is triggered by an upload or by a download.
  2. Folder or login based. If you select folder based, the notification is triggered whenever a transfer affects a given folder. Login based notifications are triggered whenever the selected login transfers a file.
  3. Choose the login (for login based) from the dropdown list, or the folder from the folder tree (folder based).

In the lower pane setup the email notification content and recipients.

Set the message sender and the recipient(s). Separate multiple recipient addresses with a comma.

Messages are composed of a preamble which you can set, the main message body listing the transfer details, and a footer which you can also set.

If you check "Include session and quota details" the message body will include session, disk quota and current usage details.


Automatic Deletes


To create an auto-delete rule choose a folder and set the number of days. Files in this folder and any subfolders will be automatically deleted when they are Xdays old. Empty folders of any age will also be deleted.

Autodelete can skip contents of home folders or shared folders nested within the affected folder tree. Tick the checkboxes to activate the skip.

To receive a notification listing auto-delete activity tick the check box and enter the recipient email address in the settings section at the top.

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