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About Maytech

Maytech ( have a long history of providing secure, fast and industry-approved file sharing solutions. Established in 2006, Maytech have evolved to meet customer needs, offering secure data transfers for government, financial and commercial organisations spanning 60 industries in 35 countries. Maytech's products offer secure automated workflows, easy to use corporate file sharing, data acquisition for large files and sensitive data or secure APIs to integrate with your existing software such as Microsoft, Oracle and Mulesoft.

An ISO 27001 certified company, Maytech’s products are HIPAA compliant for medical data transfers in the US and are GDPR-compliant in the EU. This incorporates centralised administration, full audit trails and granular user control of file sharing permissions. Support is available 24/7 via our professional and responsive global customer service and technical teams, who are on hand to assist with evaluating, deploying and using our products.

Maytech's products are:

  • Quatrix -  secure cloud file sharing platform with centralised administration, easy to use interface, and SFTP access.

  • Quatrix China  -  a secure and reliable way of sending large files to and from China.

  • Quatrix Vault - PCI-DSS compliant for storing credit card or sensitive PII data in the cloud using tokenisation for added security.      

  • FTP-Stream enables organisations to share data over (S)FTP, the web or automated systems and provides full branding and integration ensuring retention of your corporate identity.

Both small businesses and large global corporations use Maytech’s file sharing solutions for mission-critical workflows and secure global data distribution and acquisition services.

About Maytech’s Security and Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

Maytech’s products are supplied as a software as a service, with service being subject to our terms and conditions. Our Security and Compliance Statement outlines Maytech’s security and compliance environment and should be read in conjunction with this security FAQs. Following a review of both documents if you have an outstanding security/compliance led question, please let us know and we will be happy to answer them.

Table of Contents

Maytech Security and Compliance Statement

Policies and Data Protection

Data Residency and Data Centre Security

Hardware and Software Monitoring

Logs and Records

Incident Response

Data Retention, Backup and Restoration

Identity Management

Solution Infrastructure

Operational Controls. Staff and Information Security

Document Requests

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