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There are two ways of how you can request files from your contacts:

  • On files sharing as an additional option Recipient(s) can return files
  • Or explicitly on Contacts tab as Request Files 




Table of Contents

Request Files 

  1. Go to Contacts tab 
  2. Select a contact you want to request files from

  3. Click on Request Files icon on the Toolbar

  4. Click on Create to send the link


Recipient(s) can return files

You can also request files during File Sharing selecting the option Recipient(s) can return files in the Optional Settings. The same as with Request Files on Contacts tab, you can request files encryption using your PGP keys selecting optional Encrypt incoming files option. 

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 Recipients will get an option to Return Files on files download page when they follow the link from email.



Contacts can use request files links only once, as soon as some files were uploaded, the link will expire!

Contacts can't open Request files links after 14 days!

You have to either send the request at least every 2 weeks or convert your contact to paid Quatrix user. There is no expiration set for paid users and links are available forever.


When you send requests, emails are sent individually to each recipient - the recipient list is hidden.