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 * - Privacy policy

The protection of your files, account and privacy is our top priority. The features listed below are designed to help you make your file sharing easy and secure. 

Protect your filesControl account securityKeep your personal information secure
  • SFTP Module
  • PGP encrypted file transfer
  • PIN code file access
  • Granular permissions to access files
  • Data residency
  • Expiry/ release dates for shares
  • Revocation of files
  • Free antivirus
  • Secure passwords and 2FA
  • IP address restrictions
  • Account access control
  • Account activity monitoring

Take a look at our privacy policy that was designed to protect you personal information. The privacy notice describes how we collect and use your personal information in accordance to data protection law.

You can easily manage the security and privacy settings for your Quatrix account: enable SFTP, PGP or 2FA, select share privacy type while sharing files, adjust the security PIN or set the release and expiry dates for your shares, apply IP restrictions to prevent unwanted access.

SFTP Module

SFTP module introduces secure, interactive and automated data exchange that allows files to be transferred between hosts in a similar way to SCP protocol. It encrypts both commands and data, which means that sensitive data and user passwords can't be intercepted by third parties. 

This module can be enabled on request sent to Quatrix Customer Care. If enabled, you can view your SFTP credentials on the SFTP module details (click on the link with your name, then go to Manage Profile and select SFTP sub-tab).

Every added SFTP user has a unique login that is used to log in to SFTP client.  

Assigning SFTP login ID to a user

If you would like to grant access to SFTP for your users, you need to enable SFTP at user creation or edition.

Your user will get an email notification with SFTP credentials as soon as SFTP is enabled.

Now your users can access your Quatrix site using any SFTP client software. They must log in with their ID instead of their email address and use their existing account password. For more information on SFTP client configuration see our User Guide.

Locking SFTP login to the folder Projects Shared With Me

To limit your users to a specific folder via SFTP, tick Lock SFTP home check box at user creation or edition. This allows you to limit the access of users to only folders shared with them within the folder Projects Shared With Me. (see the video below)  

Learn more about project folder management

Payment for SFTP Module 

If you would like to use SFTP or grant access to SFTP for your users, you need to purchase the Enterprise Security Module.

You can go ahead with the mentioned module by sending the request to Quatrix Customer Care or calling one of the numbers below:

  • International: +44 189 286 1222
  • US and Canada: 1 800 592 1906
  • UK: 01892 861 222

As soon as the module is activated, the number of available SFTP user licenses will be displayed on the Account details sub-tab of the Administration tab.

SFTP License Management  

You can find your SFTP credentials by clicking on the link with your name at the top right, then go to Manage Profile and open SFTP sub-tab. 

You can grant SFTP access to any your user. If you wish to enable SFTP for your contacts, convert them to users at first (on the Contacts tab, see Contact Management) and then activate SFTP by ticking an appropriate check box at user creation or edition. 


Every added user has unique SFTP credentials that are stored after his deletion. If you restore SFTP access for this user, credentials will be the same. 

Learn more how to transfer files using SFTP in User Guide.


Since we are responsible for the security of your data that you store or send with Quatrix, an Antivirus is enabled by default.

Once a file is uploaded it is queued for the antivirus check. If a file is infected, it gets blocked for download.

In case a malware is detected an email alert is sent to the Admin(s) and they can log in and delete the infected files. The virus name is also shown in File Info. 


Worth mentioning that Antivirus is free forever!

Intrusion detection and prevention

Multiple incorrect login attempts may trigger a lockout

Enter the captcha code to unlock.

Password must meet complexity requirements. Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created.

Passwords length should be equal or more than 8 characters, include symbols, numbers, lowercase and uppercase characters. 

IP Restriction

Admins can specify the range of IP addresses (or networks) to allow connection to Quatrix both via HTTPS and SFTP protocols.

Two-factor authentication

You can add an extra layer of security to your Quatrix account by turning on two-factor authentication (2FA). This requires you to have access to your phone when you log in. This means even if your password is compromised or stolen, only you can log in to your account. For more information on how to enable and set up 2FA see our User Guide.

2FA enforcement

The administrator can enforce 2FA either for one user, or a group of users, or for all users of the account. 

If you would like to force 2FA only to a definite user or a group of users, go to the Administration tab and tick the check box next to the user(s) and select Force 2FA from the drop-down menu or choose an appropriate icon from the above menu. See the screenhsot.

To make 2FA mandatory for all users on the account level follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Administration tab.
  2. On the Service Settings sub-tab put the checkmark next to the Force 2FA field.
  3. Click on the Save button.

2FA should be set up on the first attempt to log in after successful password validation. For details on how to set up 2FA see User Guide

Resetting and disabling 2FA

If you lost your 2FA enabled device, you can reset or disable 2FA for your account while editing your profile (click on the link with your name at the top right and go to Manage Profile).

To reset or disable 2FA for a definite user of a group of users go to the Administration tab and select appropriate commands from the menu.



The Administrator can turn off 2FA for all users on the Administration tab.


You can switch accounts on unsuccessful 2FA code entry if there are more than one.