SFTP is a reliable method of sharing sensitive data. If SFTP module is enabled, you can securely exchange files. To establish a secure SFTP connection you should have SFTP client configured and get SFTP credentials either on your Quatrix account, or from the email.

Configuration of SFTP client

There are many SFTP clients that you can download and use. We'll use FileZilla, a free and open-source SFTP client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, as an example. 

First you need to download and install the latest version of FileZilla. When it is installed, open the application and connect to the SFTP server. There are two ways of connecting to the server: using your password or SSH public key.

Password authentication

 If you would like to log in to the SFTP client using the password, you need to specify the following information on the Quickconnect bar: 

  • Host: type in your site (e.g. sftp://sftp43.yoursite.quatrix.it).
  • Username: enter your SFTP login.

    You can get your host and username by clicking on your name initials at the top right of your Quatrix account, then go to Manage Profile and select the SFTP sub-tab.

  • Password: type in your password.

     You can access SFTP client with your account password.

  • Port: 22 or 43. 

    Please note that port 43 makes use of our uncongested network, whereas 22 will go over public internet and could be slower if files are larger.

    We advise using port 43 for accelerated file transfers.

SSH public key authentication

You can connect to the SFTP server using SSH keys. It allows multiple users to log in as the same system user without having to share a single password between them.

SSH keys serve as a safe and secure way of establishing connection with the remote server. SSH keys are generated in pairs. A key pair contains one public and one private key. The private key is stored locally and should not be exposed to anyone, whilst the public key is placed in the remote location and can be freely shared with others. If one of the keys is missing, you won't be able to establish a secure SFTP connection.

SSH keys can be generated using any shareware tools from the Internet. We'll use PuTTYgen to generate public and private keys. You need to download and launch the program. Then click on the Generate button and save your keys by clicking the Save public key and Save private key buttons. Click here for screenshot. 

The top of the window displays the Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file field, where you should copy all the text (make sure it ends with "= rsa-key-date") and paste it directly to Quatrix or save it locally.

Then add your previously generated SSH public key to Quatrix:

  1. Click on your name initials at the top right, go to Manage Profile → SFTP sub-tab and click on Add SSH Key button.
  2. Insert your previously generated public SSH key and save it. 

After saving you won't be able to edit it's contents but rather only the title. Make sure that your SSH key is copied correctly, it should start with "ssh-rsa" and contain no comment.

You can set the expiry date for your SSH key by ticking the Expiry Date check box while adding or editing the key.

Follow these steps to access your server using SSH keys:

  1. Click on the File, and select the Site Manager option 
  2. Click on the New site and type in your site
  3. Go to the General tab on the right-hand pane and specify additional settings:

    • Host: type in your site (e.g. sftp://sftp43.yoursite.quatrix.it)
    • Port: 22 or 43
    • Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
    • Logon Type: Key file
    • User: enter your SFTP login (SFTP module details in your Quatrix account)

    • Key file: browse and open the file with your previously generated private SSH key

  4. Connect to the server by clicking on the Connect button. 

Once a successful connection has been established, FileZilla will open up. The left-hand pane of the window displays the local system, whilst the contents of the remote server (your Quatrix files and folders) will be displayed on the right-hand pane. 

Passwords are easy to use but we would recommend to use SSH keys as this method of connecting to the server is more secure.

Transferring Files via SFTP

The account admin explicitly enables SFTP for account users. Please ask your account admin if you don't see SFTP credentials on Manage Profile → SFTP sub-tab. You will get email notification as soon as SFTP is enabled for you.

To exchange your local files with the ones you store in Quatrix you need to open SFTP client and connect to the server using your password or previously generated SSH public key. Once a successful connection is established, you will see the window displaying your Quatrix files and folders at the right-hand pane. You can easily move any file - just drag-and-drop the file from the origin folder to your destination folder. 

Custom SFTP Login

If you would like to use your custom SFTP login for accessing Quatrix files or folders via SFTP, send a request to your administrator. As soon as your custom SFTP login is added, it will be displayed in your profile under SFTP section.