All our Quatrix users can share encrypted files that provides the absolute assurance that the only person able to open a confidential shared file is the intended recipient. 

To share encrypted files through Quatrix you should follow 4 steps:

  1. Have PGP enabled for your account

    Contact your administrator to enable PGP for the account.

  2. Generate your private PGP keys

    You can generate your PGP keys on the Security sub-tab (click on your name initials, follow the Manage Profile link and open the Security sub-tab). Click on the Generate keys button and enter the passphrase. As soon as your keys are generated you'll be notified at the top right of your screen.

    If you noticed that your passphrase was compromised, you can simply change the passphrase here by clicking on the Change passphrase button. This preserves you the right to decrypt all previously encrypted files. But in case you forgot the passphrase, you need to generate new PGP keys by clicking on the Change Keys button which makes further decryption of previously encrypted files impossible.

  3. Get public PGP keys from your recipients

    Go to the Contacts tab and select the ones you would like to share encrypted files and request PGP keys by ticking them and clicking on the Request PGP keys from the top or right-click menu that automatically sends an email to your recipients where they can generate the paraphrase to public PGP keys. 

  4. Share encrypted files

    If private and public PGP keys are generated, you can share encrypted files securely. 

    Go to the Share files tab, specify the recipients who have generated PGP keys, select the PGP encrypt files checkbox in the Optional Settings section, upload and share files. That's it. Your files are securely sent to your recipients.  

    To decrypt files the recipient should enter the passphrase.

Folders and cloud files cannot be encrypted with PGP. You should upload files from your computer to use PGP encryption.

If you would like to learn more about PGP in Quatrix, read our Administration guide.