This feature introduces a new video uploading system that covers uploads directly to YouTube and Vimeo. 

How it works

If you have FTP-Stream Video Streaming module enabled for your account, you can upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo. 

The administrator has Video Streaming turned on by default and can enable this module for users on the Control Panel.


Follow these steps to upload your videos: 

  1. Log in to your FTP-Stream account as the admin or user 

  2. Drag and drop any video to the upload area on the Upload tab
  3. Your uploaded video appears in the list on the Download tab 
  4. Select the check box next to the required video and click on the Generate video preview icon from the top menu or right-click on the video and select an appropriate option from the list
  5. Choose video platform: My YouTube account or My Vimeo account and click OK

    You need to have an account on YouTube or Vimeo at first. If you wish to upload videos to YouTube, make sure that you created a YouTube channel.

  6. Authorise with these services by clicking on the Allow button that allows Maytech Video Previews to access your YouTube or Vimeo account 

  7. You are notified that the video encoding is in progress.

  8. To check the status go to the Video tab and find your required video. If the status is success, right-click on the video and select Quick preview option that will display it on the selected platform    

Your uploaded video will be added to the list on the Video tab and synced on your YouTube or Vimeo account. It will be available only to the admin or user who uploaded the video on FTP-Stream.

Please note that you can delete uploaded videos only from YouTube or Vimeo accounts. The deletion of videos on FTP-Stream will be included in future releases.