Quatrix® is an easy-to-use product that enables secure file access, sharing and storage. It provides a full range of features to meet any need.  


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple one-step file sharing
  • Drag and drop files for upload
  • Request files while sharing
  • Share quick links
  • Share project folders


  • Customise your branding
  • Adjust security settings site-wide
  • Organise users into groups and classify your contacts
  • Set permitted share types
  • Automate your internal and external workflows
  • Get full activity tracking


  • SFTP and web-based (HTTPS) access
  • 256-bit AES encryption at rest and in transit
  • Data residency
  • 2FA & password policy
  • IP whitelisting
  • PIN code protection (files, users)
  • Virus checking



World-Class customer support

  • 24/7/365 support service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Enhanced support packages
  • Full product documentation
  • Responsive to feature requests
  • Custom consulting on demand
  • Experts on hand to guide you

Easy-to-use file sharing 

Share files of any size just in one step. Intuitive interface makes it easy to share and manage your files, keep track of activity history in your account and adjust any setting depending on your needs. 

Easily drag and drop files from your desktop for upload to Quatrix cloud. To get files back from your recipient while sharing files, just tick an appropriate check box from optional settings of the share. Share quick links if you want to send files without future collaboration, for informative purpose. They can even be mass distributed, making download available for a wide audience. If you need collaboration from your users, share project folders. 

Adjustable site and file sharing settings 

Adjust your site to your needs. Customise your site with your own branding: upload the company logo for Quatrix domain pages, tailor the domain name to provide users with a familiar URL.  Adjust your share preferences site-wide (appearance, security options).  Group your users and contacts to control the access to your account. Automate internal and external operations in the account by creating no code automated workflows.

Secure access to your account and files

Control the access to your account with 2FA and strong password policy, IP restrictions and PIN code access. Protect your files with SFTP/ HTTPS, PGP, adjust permitted share types (public, tracked, restricted), set expiry and release dates, revoke (disable) files, get delivery notifications and restore deleted files. Retain complete control over where your data is shared and stored. Free virus checking. 

Compliant with international privacy standards

To maintain the highest levels of security compliance, Quatrix meets the stringent requirements of a range of relevant accreditations: HIPAA (US) Compliant, GDPR (EU) Compliant, PCI-DSS, NIST, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3,  ISO 27001. Learn more.


SSO / ADFS integrations -  access multiple applications with one set of login credentials, Microsoft Office 365 for effective online collaboration, Zapier integration for easy automation of your work, MuleSoft integration , Outlook plug-in,  automated workflows (SFTP scripts), upload widget (website integration), Public API.

World-class customer support

Maytech provides world-class customer support at no additional charge. Contact our knowledgeable support team 24x7 via email support@maytech.net or phone: 

Int: +44 (0) 189 286-1222 |  USA: 1 800 592-1906