Automations allow you to improve your productivity by automating some of your activities in the account. For example, if you want to delete files or folders every X days, you can add a rule to perform the deletion at a specified interval.

Automatic deletion of files or folders

The Automatic Deletes sub-tab allows you to adjust the workflow for automatic deletion of files or folders that are older than a specified period of time.  To add a rule for auto-deletion, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Automatic Deletes sub-tab on the Automations tab.
  2. Click on the Add rule icon and specify settings for the automatic deletion:

    1. Click on the Select button at the top right to choose the folder where you would like to activate the deletion. 1 folder for 1 rule!
    2. Specify the time interval the deletion should be performed.
    3. Type in emails for file deletion notifications (your email is listed by default).
    4. Keep folder structure - tick this check box if you want to save the structure with folders and delete the contents of these folders. 
    5. Skip home folders - tick if you intend to skip files of inactive users.
    6. Skip shared folders - tick to leave Project Folders.
    7. Remove files permanently without sending them to Trash.
    8. Active - tick if you would like to activate the rule.
  3. Save the rule.

If there is an overlapping of auto-deletion rules, the rule created first will apply. 

Your added rules will be displayed in the list and will contain brief information about the adjusted deletion. All your listed rules can be easily managed by ticking the check box next to the rule and selecting an appropriate option from the top menu.  You can edit, delete, activate or deactivate auto-deletion rules. The edition of the rule presupposes the change of previously specified settings. If you delete the rule, it won't be either available, or applicable. The deletion cannot be restored back.

To make the rule inactive, click on the Deactivate icon and this grays the rule out in the list. Whilst the Activate rule icon allows to turn the rule on again.

Automatic generation of activity exports

The Auto-generation of activity exports provides a possibility to automatically receive logs in CSV format (a comma-separated values file that allows data to be saved in a tabular format) with the account activity on a regular basis. 

The automation rules created by the owners cannot be updated or deleted by the administrators.

To add a rule, follow the steps below: 

  1. Open the Activity Export sub-tab of the Automations tab.
  2. Click on the Add rule icon and adjust settings for the rule:
    1. Select the folder where you would like to store your activity logs.
    2. Type in emails for automatic activity log notifications.
    3. Pick the start date for the generation of future logs.
    4. Choose the frequency of logs: daily/weekly/monthly.
    5. Active - tick if you would like to activate the rule.
  3. Save the rule. 

The logs will be stored in your specified folder in CSV format and sent to the listed recipients in the email notifications. 

If you would like to retrieve a log for the past period, go to the Activity Log tab and manually generate a report there. In order to save your time in future, adjust the rule with the above instructions and receive required logs with the specified frequency.