On the Share Files tab you can instantly share files from your local PC / network or from your Quatrix Cloud storage. Each share uploads files to your Quatrix Cloud storage and generates an email message to the recipient(s) with links to download files. 

Message Composition

You can type in as many email addresses as you like to add recipients in the Recipients text field. If the address exists in your contacts it will autocomplete, new recipient addresses will be added to your contacts and will autocomplete next time. You can type the subject and the massage text in the message composition area. 

Emails are sent individually to each recipient - the recipient list is hidden.

Optional Settings

You can specify additional options for your share in the Optional Settings window that can be opened by clicking on the icon next to share privacy types. To select the option, tick the check box next to it. 

  • Never expire - shared links never expire but to set an expiry date clear the check box, click on the calendar icon and choose an expiry date and time. Download links are permanently inactive when they expire.

  • Release date - use the same method to set a date and time to release your files. You can upload your files and send out the links but download links are inactive until the chosen time.

  • Security PIN - Optional PIN the user must enter to access shared files. The PIN can be set for all types of shares. In order to protect your share with PIN users should tick the Security PIN check box (see screenshot above). The system will then generate a random five-digit code which you should inform your recipient(s) about. Please note that the PIN cannot be restored or reset after the share is sent.
  • PGP encrypt files - if PGP is enabled for your account and if your contact(s) has/have generated PGP keys you can select this check box for the additional protection. For more info see PGP in Quatrix.
  • Notify me on download - select this check box to receive a notification email when the files are downloaded.
  • Recipient(s) can return files - if selected, the notification email will contain a link to a page where your contacts or users can send files back to you. It is possible to disable obligatory registration for your contact if you send a Public Share.

  • Force registration prior to returning files - appears when Recipient(s) can return files is selected. The recipient should log in or create a free Quatrix account in order to return files.
  • Encrypt incoming files - appears when Recipient(s) can return files is selected. This option enables the user to get encrypted files from the contact. Files will be encrypted by user's (not contact's) key. This option is disabled if user doesn't have a PGP key.

  • Destination folder - shows the path to the uploaded files.

  • Choose your share privacy - set the share security level, there are three types of links:

    • Public - anyone with the link can download the files. Your tracking will show the time and IP address of downloads but will not identify the user.
    • Tracked - any user registered on the Quatrix network can download, this may be useful where the links may be forwarded to others working on the project. Your tracking will identify the user for each download event.
    • Restricted - only recipients of the email will be able to download, links forwarded outside the recipient list will not work. Your tracking will identify the user for each download event.

Uploading and Sharing Files

Quatrix allows you to share your local files and folders as well as share from your Quatrix Cloud storage. 

Click on the Add Files or Add Folders button to select files to upload and share. Use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select multiple files. Or, if supported by your browser you will see a drop zone to drag files or folders from your your desktop or file browser. If you drag a folder, all folder contents will be queued for upload.

Click on the Upload and Share button to complete the share, a progress bar indicates the status of local file uploads. A pop-up window indicates completion of the share, you can dismiss the pop-up window retaining or clearing the content of the form fields.

The folder upload is supported in all browsers except IE 11.