Quatrix users are grouped based on appropriate sharing and access permissions. Your administrator assigns an appropriate group while adding you to Quatrix account. 

The following 3 predefined user groups are created by default:

  • Pro Users can view and share files with other Pro users, Associate users and site contacts. Besides they can create a list of their own Personal Contacts that are invisible to you as the administrator. 
  • Associate Users can view only Pro users and share files with them. They cannot share to the outside world. This facilitates the flow of data from external partners into your organisation whilst preventing external partners from making unauthorised use of your Quatrix site. 
  • Jailed Users have access to files from Projects Shared With Me.

Permissions of default user groups can be easily updated by your administrator to match required needs.

To see what group of users you are assigned, click on the letters from your name in the circle located at the top right. This will open the form containing your assigned group below the name and email.

The administrator may assign you the permission to manage Quatrix account and users by granting user administration rights or the permission to manage invoices/payments by adding the billing administrator rights. For details see Administration Guide.

What can Jailed users do? 

It is envisaged that the Jailed user participates in a defined workflow where they either:

  • Receive / process / download files in folders shared to them via Project Folders.
  • Upload files to Project Folders to share out to project members. 

Users in Jailed class are therefore jailed to the /Projects Shared With Me/ folder. This folder is the mount point for incoming shared folders, and is not writable. 

The Jailed user is not able to use the Share Form or otherwise share files outside of the designated workflow.

The table below illustrates what operations the jailed user can do depending on the assigned permissions in the Project Folder (PF).

Permitted actionsList onlyList and ReadRead and WriteFull and Share
Project Folder (PF) operations

View shared PFs and their contents

PF info
Download PF
Copy PF
Edit PF contents (change permissions of existing users)

Folder operations

Folder info


Add folder inside PF

Convert folder to PF 

File operations

File info




Besides the listed above actions within shared PFs, Jailed users can change personal or security settings for accessing the account. Read more here

They could also share encrypted files back to the sender while replying to the share or file sharing request. This requires prior generation of PGP keys. Learn more about PGP.