You can manage your Quatrix cloud files and folders on the File Explorer tab. 

All files and folders contain icons before their names and are organised in the following way:

  • System folders are always displayed in the same order and cannot be deleted:
    • Incoming Shares - contains all your received files.
    • Outgoing Shares - contains all your shared files.
    • User Homes - accessible to the admin only and contains all files and folders of your users.
    • Projects Shared With Me - contains project folders that your Quatrix users shared with you.
    • TRASH - contains all deleted files.
  • Project folders - folders that you shared with your Quatrix users.
  • Folders
  • Files
  • Encrypted files

If you would like to rename, delete, copy, move, or preview file(s), tick the check boxes for one or more files and choose the desired action from the top menu or right-click menu. 

Info for Admin

Besides own files and folders the administrator can see User homes folder of their users which is empty by default. The administrator can delete files and folders from the User Homes folder.

If you need to refresh the file listing, click the Refresh icon.

File Management

Uploading Files

You can upload files to your Quatrix storage from your computer by clicking the Upload button from the top menu which opens the Uploader window. You can add local files or folders by either clicking appropriate buttons or you can just drag-and-drop files/folders from your desktop to the Uploader.

Sharing Files

To share files you should tick the check boxes for the files you wish to share and click the Share files button. This loads the Share form with the file listing populated with files you want to share. See more File Sharing. 

Share quick links if you want to send files without future collaboration, for informative purpose. They can even be mass distributed, making download available for a wide audience. Learn more about quick links.

Quick links are valid for 7 days. Once a quick link is expired, it cannot be used again.

Requesting Files

Quatrix is a great tool for acquiring files from your contacts or users with the assurance of security, detailed tracking and PGP encryption (if enabled for your account).

You can send a request for sharing files using the Share Files or Contacts tab.

To request files on the Share Files tab:

  1. Select Recipient(s) can return files check box in the Optional Settings section.  

    1. Force registration prior to returning files option is checked by default. This means that your recipients will need to login or create a free Quatrix account in order to return files.  

    2. Encrypt incoming files - tick if you want to get your files encrypted.

      To be able to share and get back encrypted files, you need to have a pair of PGP keys - a private key generated by you and a public key generated by your recipient. Learn more how to share encrypted files.

  2. Add, upload and share files. For more info see File Sharing.
  3. Your contact or user receives the email with the Return link to send files back to you.

To request files on the Contacts tab: 

  1. Select the contact or user you want to get files from and click on the Request files icon from the above menu or select an appropriate option from the right-click menu.
  2. Type in the message, tick corresponding check boxes if you want to get encrypted files or receive an email notification and click on the Create button.

    You can also control whether your contact or user will be forced to log in/register prior to responding to your file request by ticking Force registration prior to returning files check box.

    The link to return files will be generated and displayed at the top right of your account. 

  3. Click on the Copy link button on the notification and share it as you wish.

The links uniquely point to a form to securely send files to you. Your contacts/users cannot edit the recipient address so the facility cannot be misused for general file sharing.

If PGP is enabled for your account you can ensure that files shared to you are encrypted using your public key. The files are automatically encrypted as they are queued for upload and this requires no additional skills or actions from your contacts/users. See more PGP encrypted file transfer.

As soon as your contact/user uploads files you will receive an email notification with the requested files.

Contacts can use request files links only once, as soon as some files were uploaded, the link will expire!

Contacts can't open Request files links after 14 days!

You have to either send the request at least every 2 weeks or convert your contact to paid Quatrix user. There is no expiration set for paid users and links are available forever.

When you send requests, emails are sent individually to each recipient - the recipient list is hidden.

Searching Files

You can search for files using the search box in the upper right. Files can be found based on the following properties:

  • file name
  • creation and modification date
  • recipient and sender
  • tag

Folder Management

Folders allow files to be sorted into groups (e.g. junk, personal) to make storing and locating files easier.

Creating Folders

If you would like to create a new folder, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the File Explorer tab and click on Add folder button from the top menu.
  2. Specify the folder name on the Create Folder window and save it.

Your created folder will appear in the list below system folders. Folders are automatically ordered alphabetically.

Renaming Folders

The folder name can be easily changed by ticking the check box next to the folder and selecting an appropriate option from the top menu or by right-clicking on the folder and selecting the Rename option from menu.

Deleting Folders

If you need to delete the folder, tick the check box next to it and either click on the Delete option from the top menu, or select an appropriate option form the right-click menu. All your deleted folders are moved to Trash and are stored there for 30 days. 

If you delete the folder, its containing sub-folders will be deleted as well.

To restore the deleted folder, go to the Trash folder, tick the appropriate folder and select the Cut or Copy options. Then go to the place you would like to restore your folder and click on the Paste option form the top  menu. If you restore the folder with containing sub-folders, the inner folder structure will be kept the same.

Reordering Folders

You can easily organise any structure of your folders that allows you to keep your files and folders organised. Nested folders generally make it easier to find specific files later, because you don’t have to sift through all your files at once. 

To move your folder to a different location, follow these steps: 

  1. Tick the check box next to the folder and select the Copy or Cut menu option.
  2. Select an appropriate location and click on the Paste option.

Converting Folders to Project Folders 

If you wish to share the folder with your users assigning them different permissions, convert your folder to a project folder by ticking the check box next to the folder and selecting the Create project folder option.

Learn details on creation, modification and deletion of project folders on Project Folder Management