The Admin panel is the central place for management of your account. You can get details of your plan, configure service settings, keep track of your account storage and available external automations, quarantine suspicious filesmanage your users or contacts and perform billing operations. 

Account details

Your account information is displayed as the top sub-tab in the Admin panel. It contains current plan details, data residency and expiry date, number of available and used Quatrix and SFTP licences, storage amount, external automations and brief details of the payment method.

Setting up your custom domain

If you want your users to connect to a custom hostname (such as instead of, you need to obtain SSL certificate for continued access to your site.
As a rule, we order a certificate from our trusted vendor and get it installed for the customer.  For further details, please contact our Quatrix Customer Care.

Storage control

Your storage depends what plan you are using. Quatrix free trial gives you 5 GB of the storage for 5 users. After the upgrade your account storage will change depending on the plan you are going to have. Take a look at the table below.


User Amount

Storage per Account, GB

Quatrix Free Trial55
Quatrix2 and more*100 and more

* Minimum number of users: 2 (1 Owner + 1 User).

 Maximum number of users: unlimited (You can upgrade up to 249 users on the Billing or Administration tab of your account. For 250+ contact our Quatrix Customer Care).

Tracking storage

You can track your storage using the diagram on the Account details sub-tab, or using the status bar by clicking on your name initials at the top right of your account.

The diagram and the status bar both indicate the amount of used and available storage. Additionally, the diagram provides a more detailed visualisation of your storage, showing not only your usage, but also the amount used by your users.

Control the storage of users 

Every new user gets unlimited storage by default that equals to your account storage. You can manage your account quota as well as your user quotas within your account quota limit.

To limit or increase the storage of your user follow these steps:

  1. Open the Admin panel and navigate to the Users sub-tab.
  2. Select the user and click on the Edit icon.
  3. Specify the amount of storage that you would like to allow for the user in the Quota field and save changes.

If you would like to increase the storage without adding a new user, contact support

To reserve storage for a specific user, specify a required amount in the Reserved disc space field which will save the desired storage amount for this user. See the screenshot above. 

Service settings

The Service Settings sub-tab in the Admin panel allows you to set your corporate branding, add corporate email footer, specify account language or adjust security settings.

Corporate branding

Every newly created account has the default Quatrix banner text and logo. If you would like to have your corporate branding on every share, go to the Service settings sub-tab and edit the default settings with your corporate banner, logo and email footer.

Service language settings

English is adjusted as a default language for the service (e.g. password reset pages) and account. If you would like to switch the service language to German or Chinese, update it under Appearance section. The service language change applies to all users of your account.

If you would like to update the interface language, go to the Users sub-tab, select users and update the language on the Edit profile form. However, every user can change the language for personal display while managing the profile in the General sub-tab. 

Security settings

You can adjust security options for your shares site-wide: 

  • Enable encrypted file sharing (PGP) for all users,
  • Add extra layer of security with two-factor authentication (2FA),
  • Restrict IP addresses to have access to your account,
    • Public - anyone with the link can download the files. Your tracking will show the time and IP address of downloads but will not identify the user.

    • Tracked - any user registered on the Quatrix network can download, this may be useful where the links may be forwarded to others working on the project. Your tracking will identify the user for each download event.

    • Restricted- only recipients of the email will be able to download, links forwarded outside the recipient list will not work. Your tracking will identify the user for each download event.

      Set permitted share types (public, tracked, restricted)

Learn more about security and privacy for your account here.


Single sign-on (SSO) allows your users to easily and securely log in to their accounts with just one set of credentials, rather than having to set up multiple usernames and passwords across different platforms. 

Account owners or administrators can set up and manage their identity providers on the SSO sub-tab.

Learn more about available SSO integrations here


The Billing tab is the central place for your billing needs. The account owner or any user with Billing rights can update billing information, check renewal dates, upgrade or downgrade the billing plan, track and view invoices.   

If you would like to delegate Billing to your user, read more here.

Update your billing info

You can access your billing information on the Cards sub-tab. It provides the ability to add credit cards and update their info.

Click on Add credit card icon, specify your credit card details and save it. All your saved cards are displayed in the list. To update details, select the card and click on the Edit icon from the top menu. 

You can edit only the credit card name. 

To delete the card, tick the check box next to it, and select an appropriate option from the top menu. 

You can turn on the auto-renew feature for your account by clicking on the Auto Renewal button above the list of credit cards.

To enable automatic billing, tick the Active check box on the Auto Renewal form, select the card and save. As soon as automatic account renewal is activated, you will be notified of it. To disable it, uncheck the Active box.

Upgrade or downgrade your billing plan

Details of your billing plan can be retrieved on the Account details sub-tab or from the last paid invoice on the Invoices sub- tab.

You can change your plan by clicking on the Upgrade button in the top menu, selecting the pencil icon next to the Current plan on the Account details sub-tab or by clicking on the Upgrade button on the Invoices sub-tab. 

When upgrading your plan to a higher package e.g. increase a number of users or storage amount, or add Enterprise Security Module, changes will be made immediately after the payment. You will be issued a pro-rated refund for your previous plan and charged for a new one. In this case the billing cycle dates will be changed. 

When downgrading your plan, no refund is issued. Changes take effect immediately and your billing plan is changed.  

Available billing cycles 

You can adjust a monthly or annual billing cycle for your Quatrix account. The subscription will be renewed at the end of each billing cycle as soon as the payment is received. To learn the billing due date information, navigate to the Account details sub-tab in the Admin Panel or to the Billing tab.

You can save up to 15 % (2 free months) if you pay annually compared to paying monthly. 

Track and pay invoices

You can track all your paid and unpaid invoices on the Invoices sub-tab of the Billing tab. They are listed in the table, with the most recent one on top. 

The table displays the following information about the invoice: the invoice number, description, creation and due dates, the total amount in the required currency and status (paid or unpaid). To access the invoice details, click on the link with the invoice name. The invoice will be displayed as follows: 

You can view the invoice in pdf format by clicking on the Download PDF button. 

To pay an outstanding invoice, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the invoice, view the details and click on the Pay button.
  2. Provide payment information or confirm the existing payment method on the Payment Details dialog.
  3. Confirm your payment by clicking on the Pay button.

 As soon as your online payment is processed, you will be notified of it in the email. 

If you have any questions about billing transactions, feel free to contact our Billing team.  

Account suspension and deletion

Quatrix Free Trial

You get a 14-day free trial account when you register on our website. You can upgrade to a paid account during this trial period. If your account is not upgraded by the end of the trial period, your trial account will be suspended. On suspension, you still have 14 days after suspension to upgrade your account. If it is not done, your account and all your data on Quatrix will be deleted. To unsuspend your Quatrix Free Trial account contact  

Quatrix Paid Plan

When you purchase Quatrix account on our website, or upgrade your free trial account, you can specify the billing frequency - annually or monthly. Besides you can adjust auto renewal of your account depending on your billing cycle.  

If your account is not renewed,

  • the account will be suspended in 7 days after the expiry date and all users won't be able to access it.
  • the account as well as all your files and data will be deleted in 28 days after expiry date and can't be restored.

You can unsuspend your account anytime until it is deleted. To unsuspend your Quatrix account, go to the Billing tab and pay an outstanding invoice (see the steps above). Your account will be unsuspended, when the payment is received. 

Enterprise Security Module 

The given module includes the following security features: 

  • SFTP activation
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSO (single sign-on) activation
  • PGP encryption
  • GDPR data processing agreement
  • API activation

The free trial includes Enterprise Security Module.

The Automation Module allows you to enable no code automated workflows between Quatrix and major cloud services / internal applications. Learn more here.

For details on pricing for paid plans, contact